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20 C6000   2SC6000

TOSHIBA Transistor Silicon NPN Epitaxial Type 2SC6000 High Speed Switching Applications DC-DC Converter Applications 2SC6000 Unit: mm • High DC current gain: hFE = 250 to 400 (IC = 2.5 A) • Low collector-emitter saturation: VCE (sat) = 0.18 V (max) • High speed switching:

C6000 - Toshiba Semiconductor
Toshiba Semiconductor
C6000 datasheet
19 C6010   2SC6010

TOSHIBA Transistor Silicon NPN Triple Diffused Type 2SC6010 High Voltage Switching Applications Switching Regulator Applications DC-DC Converter Applications 2SC6010 Unit: mm • High speed switching: tf = 0.24μs (max) (IC = 0.3A) Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta = 25°C) Charac

C6010 - Toshiba
C6010 datasheet
18 C6011   2SC6011

2SC6011 Audio Amplification Transistor Features and Benefits ▪ Small package (TO-3P) ▪ High power handling capacity, 160 W ▪ Improved sound output by reduced on-chip impedance ▪ For professional audio (PA) applications, VCEO = 200 V versions available ▪ Complementary t

C6011 - Allegro
C6011 datasheet
17 C6012   2SC6012

Power Transistors 2SC6012 Silicon NPN triple diffusion mesa type For horizontal deflection output 15.5±0.5 (10.0) Unit: mm φ 3.2±0.1 5˚ (4.5) 3.0±0.3 5˚ ■ Features • High breakdown voltage, and high reliability through the use of a glass passivation layer • High-s

C6012 - Panasonic Semiconductor
Panasonic Semiconductor
C6012 datasheet
16 C6017   2SC6017

Ordering number : ENN8275 2SA2169 / 2SC6017 PNP / NPN Epitaxial Planar Silicon Transistors 2SA2169 / 2SC6017 Applications • High-Current Switching Applications Relay drivers, lamp drivers, motor drivers. Features • • • • Adoption of MBIT proce

C6017 - Sanyo Semicon Device
Sanyo Semicon Device
C6017 datasheet

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Advanced Monolithic Systems
Advanced Monolithic Systems

Low voltage dual Schottky rectifier

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