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STR-W6756 Fiche technique

Datasheet STR-W6756 PDF

Numéro Numéro de référence Description Fabricant PDF
2 STR-W6756   Quasi-Resonant Switching Regulators

STR-W6756 Quasi-Resonant Topology Primary Switching Regulators Features and Benefits Description ▪ Quasi-resonant topology IC  Low EMI noise and soft The STR-W6756 is a quasi-resonant topology IC designed for switching SMPS applications. It shows lower EMI noise characteristics ▪ Botto
STR-W6756 - Sanken
STR-W6756 datasheet
1 STR-W6756   Universal-Input / 140W Off-Line Quasi-Resonant Flyback Switching Regulator

g n i h tors c t i a Sw egul R STR-W6756 Universal-Input/140 W Off-Line QuasiResonant Flyback Switching Regulator The STR-W6756 is a quasi-resonant regulator specifically designed to satisfy the requirements for increased integration and reliability in switch-mode power supplies. It incorporates a
STR-W6756 - Allegro MicroSystems
Allegro MicroSystems
STR-W6756 datasheet

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