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PTC THERMISTOR FEATURES * High ageing cofficient * Superior withstanding voltage oxidation-resistance CHARACTERISTICS Current-Time Curve Resistance-Temperature Curve HOW TO ORDER MZ ① 2 ② ① PTC Thermistor 1 ③ L ④ 201 ⑤ ② 7 9 2 3 4 Product style Degaussing P~ S
MZ72-18RM - ETC
MZ72-18RM datasheet
1 MZ72-18RM270   Encased single-element PTC thermistor

Shenzhen DXM Technology Co., Ltd Specification&Part no. Rated Zero Power Resistance R(N)(Ω) 4.5±30% 7±30% 9±20% 10±20% 12±20% 14±20% 18±20% 20±20% 27±20% PTC thermistor Encased single-element PTC thermistor for degaussing of colour TV,colour monitor chromoscope-MZ72 series Current Atten
MZ72-18RM270 - DXM Technology
DXM Technology
MZ72-18RM270 datasheet

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This transistor is a 100mA LOW DROPOUT VOLTAGE REGULATOR. The AMS116 series consists of positive fixed voltage regulators ideally suited for use in battery-powered systems.

Advanced Monolithic Systems
Advanced Monolithic Systems

The APD360 is a low voltage dual Schottky rectifier suited for switch mode power supplies and other power converters. This device is intended for use in medium voltage operation, and particularly, in high frequency circuits where low switching losses and low noise are required.

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