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MR4010 Fiche technique

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Numéro Numéro de référence Description Fabricant PDF
2 MR4010   Partial Resonance Power Supply IC Module

Provision for standby mode operation Partial Resonance Power Supply IC Module MR4000 Series Application Note Version 1.4 Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. MR4000 Series Application Note Precautions Thank you for purchasing this product. When using this IC, please follow the warnings and
MR4010 - Shindengen
MR4010 datasheet
1 MR4010   Superscalar Microprocessor

MiniRISC™ MR4010 Superscalar Microprocessor Reference Device Contents 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 MR4010 Features MR4010 Functional Blocks 2.1 CW4010 Shell 2.2 Synchronous DRAM Controller (DRAMC) 2.3 SCbus to Local I/O Bus (Lbus) Controller (SCLC) 2.4 PLL Clock Circuit MR4010 Prog
MR4010 - LSI Logic
LSI Logic
MR4010 datasheet

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