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4 7805A   fixed-voltage monolithicintegrated-circuit voltage regulators 7805A Description This series of fixed-voltage monolithicintegrated-circuit voltage regulators is designed fora wide range of applications. These applications include on-card regulation for elimination of noise and distribution problems associated withsingle-point regulation. In
7805A - Estek
7805A datasheet
3 7805A   Positive voltage regulator ICs

L78 TO-220 TO-220FP DPAK D²PAK Features • Output current up to 1.5 A • Output voltages of 5; 6; 8; 8.5; 9; 12; 15; 18; 24 V • Thermal overload protection • Short circuit protection • Output transition SOA protection • 2 % output voltage tolerance (A version) • Guaranteed in exten
7805A - STMicroelectronics
7805A datasheet
2 7805A   3-Terminal positive Voltage Regulators 7805A Description 3- Terminal Positive Voltage Regulators 7805AJ Pin Assignment Tab 3-Lead Plastic TO-252 Package Code: J Pin 1: VIN Pin 2 & Tab: GND Pin 3: VOUT The 7805A can provide local on-card regulation, eliminating the distribution problems associated with single point
7805A - Wing Shing
Wing Shing
7805A datasheet
1 7805ALP   16-Bit Latchup Protected ADC 7805ALP 16-Bit Latchup Protected ADC Logic Diagram Memory FEATURES: • 16-bit organization • Latchup Protection Technology™ • RAD-PAK® radiation-hardened against natural space radiation • Total dose hardness: - > 50 krads(Si), depending upon space mission • Latchu
7805ALP - Maxwell Technologies
Maxwell Technologies
7805ALP datasheet

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This transistor is a 100mA LOW DROPOUT VOLTAGE REGULATOR. The AMS116 series consists of positive fixed voltage regulators ideally suited for use in battery-powered systems.

Advanced Monolithic Systems
Advanced Monolithic Systems

The APD360 is a low voltage dual Schottky rectifier suited for switch mode power supplies and other power converters. This device is intended for use in medium voltage operation, and particularly, in high frequency circuits where low switching losses and low noise are required.

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