Fiche technique

1N4148 Fiche technique

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Numéro Numéro de référence Description Fabricant PDF
91 1N4148   Small Signal Diode

Small Signal Diode 1N91x, 1N4x48, FDLL914, FDLL4x48 ORDERING INFORMATION Part Number Marking Package 1N914 914 DO−204AH (DO−35) 1N914−T50A 914 DO−204AH (DO−35) 1N914TR 914 DO−204AH (DO−35) 1N914ATR 914A DO−204AH (DO−35) 1N914B 914B DO−204AH (DO−35) 1N914BTR 91
1N4148 - ON Semiconductor
ON Semiconductor
1N4148 datasheet

Features • Fast Switching Speed • General Purpose Rectification • Silicon Epitaxial Planar Construction • Lead Free Finish, RoHS Compliant (Note 2) 1N4148 / 1N4448 FAST SWITCHING DIODE Mechanical Data • Case: DO-35 • Case Material: Glass • Moisture Sensitivity: Level 1 per J-STD-020D
1N4148 - Diodes Incorporated
Diodes Incorporated
1N4148 datasheet
89 1N4148   Small Signal Diode

1N/FDLL 914/A/B / 916/A/B / 4148 / 4448 — Small Signal Diode June 2015 1N/FDLL 914/A/B / 916/A/B / 4148 / 4448 Small Signal Diode Cathode Band DO-35 Cathode is denoted with a black band SOD80 LL-34 THE PLACEMENT OF THE EXPANSION GAP HAS NO RELATIONSHIP TO THE LOCATION OF THE CATHODE TERMINAL
1N4148 - Fairchild Semiconductor
Fairchild Semiconductor
1N4148 datasheet
88 1N4148   Small Signal Fast Switching Diodes 1N4148 Vishay Semiconductors Small Signal Fast Switching Diodes DESIGN SUPPORT TOOLS click logo to get started FEATURES • Silicon epitaxial planar diode • Electrically equivalent diodes: 1N4148 - 1N914 • Material categorization: for definitions of compliance please see www.v
1N4148 - Vishay
1N4148 datasheet

UNISONIC TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD 1N4148 DIODE HIGH-SPEED SWITCHING DIODE  DESCRIPTION The UTC 1N4148 is designed for high-speed switching application in hybrid thick-and thin-film circuits. The devices is manufactured by the silicon epitaxial planar process and packed in plastic surface mount pa
1N4148 - UTC
1N4148 datasheet
86 1N4148   Silicon Epitaxial Planar Diode

1N4148 Silicon Epitaxial Planar Diode for Various Detector, Modulator, Demodulator Features • Low capacitance. (C = 4.0 pF max) • Short reverse recovery time. (trr = 4.0 ns max) • High reliability with glass seal. REJ03G0556-0500 Rev.5.00 Jul 19, 2006 Ordering Information Type No. 1N4148 C
1N4148 - Renesas
1N4148 datasheet
85 1N4148   High-speed diodes

DISCRETE SEMICONDUCTORS DATA SHEET M3D176 1N4148; 1N4448 High-speed diodes Product data sheet Supersedes data of 2002 Jan 23 2004 Aug 10 NXP Semiconductors High-speed diodes Product data sheet 1N4148; 1N4448 FEATURES • Hermetically sealed leaded glass SOD27 (DO-35) package • High switching
1N4148 - NXP
1N4148 datasheet
84 1N4148   High Speed Switching Diode

1N4148 / 1N4448 / 1N914B Taiwan Semiconductor 500mW, High Speed Switching Diode FEATURES ● Low power loss, high efficiency ● Ideal for automated placement ● High surge current capability ● Compliant to RoHS directive 2011/65/EU and in accordance to WEEE 2002/96/EC ● Halogen-free accordin
1N4148 - Taiwan Semiconductor
Taiwan Semiconductor
1N4148 datasheet
83 1N4148-1   Silicon Switching Diode

1N914 & 1N4148-1 Silicon Switching Diode Features  Available in JAN, JANTX, and JANTXV per MIL-PRF-19500/116  Metallurgically Bonded  Hermetically Sealed  Double Plug Construction Maximum Ratings Operating & Storage Temperature: -65°C to +200°C Operating Current: 200 mA @ TA = +25°C D
1N4148-1 - MA-COM
1N4148-1 datasheet
82 1N4148-1   Glass Axial Switching Diode

1N4148-1 Available on commercial versions Glass Axial Switching Diode Qualified per MIL-PRF-19500/116 DESCRIPTION This popular 1N4148-1 JEDEC registered switching/signal diode features internal metallurgical bonded construction for military grade products per MIL-PRF-19500/116. This small low ca
1N4148-1 - Microsemi
1N4148-1 datasheet
81 1N4148-M   DIODE

Technical Data DIODE maximum ratings Voltage, Reverse (VR) Voltage, Reverse Peak (VRM) Current at VR = OV (IO) Current Average Rectified (IF) Current Surge Peak (IFM) Current, Surge (IFM) at tp = 1 µs Max. Power Dissipation (PT) at TA = 25 °C Max. Thermal Resistance (Rth J-A) Max. Junction Tempe
1N4148-M - DSI
1N4148-M datasheet
80 1N4148-P   Small Signal Fast Switching Diodes 1N4148-P Vishay Semiconductors Small Signal Fast Switching Diodes DESIGN SUPPORT TOOLS click logo to get started FEATURES • Silicon epitaxial planar diode • Automotive graded device • AEC-Q101 qualified • Material categorization: for definitions of compliance please see ww
1N4148-P - Vishay
1N4148-P datasheet
79 1N4148A   Diode Switching 75V 0.15A 2-Pin DO-35 Ammo

1N4148A - New Jersey Semiconductor
New Jersey Semiconductor
1N4148A datasheet

1N4148CSM MECHANICAL DATA Dimensions in mm (inches) 0.51 ± 0.10 (0.02 ± 0.004) 0.31 rad. (0.012) 2.54 ± 0.13 (0.10 ± 0.005) 3 SILICON EPITAXIAL PLANAR DIODE 2 1 1.91 ± 0.10 (0.075 ± 0.004) 3.05 ± 0.13 (0.12 ± 0.005) A= 0.76 ± 0.15 (0.03 ± 0.006) 0.31 rad. (0.012) A 1.40 (0.055) ma
1N4148CSM - Seme LAB
Seme LAB
1N4148CSM datasheet

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